Android Casinos

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Maybe the best thing about a casino on Android is its compatibility, phone or tablet, and in terms of system version. You see, most Android phones are running the same version, either Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich. And this operating system adjusts to the device’s screen size.

So you’re covered! If a site has an Android app then unless you have some prehistoric early model phone or tablet, don’t sweat the compatibility.

The only difference will be in performance. Performance is decided by both the hardware (chip, RAM, and so on) and the operating system version. Each release of Android improves certain areas of performance.

Two such areas, for example, that are different on the newest version called Jelly Bean are (1) touch screen response and (2) HTML5 compliant browser.

There are obvious benefits to having a faster touchscreen when playing mobile casinos. That link between fingertips and graphics, after all, has real cash on the line.

The HTML5 bit is important because more and more games in 2014 will run inside the mobile Web browser window, as opposed to apps that bog down the memory card.

Now let’s point out some exemplary sites for free Android casino games.


This is a mobile specialist, because everything at PocketWin’s Android casino is designed to make sign up and playing on the run easy, fast. The game portfolio here is tight but very high-quality.

We love PocketWin’s variety despite its small number of titles: you get Blackjack, Hi-Lo Poker, Roulette and two slot machines. To start you off the house gives you £5 free and a 100% match for your first deposit. [Read Full Review]


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This is also a mobile specialist, and probably better known as such than PocketWin. There are two graces (at least) to mention about mFortune’s benefits as an Android casino. The first is that despite a smaller line up of games, you’ll enjoy a full multi-player Hold ‘Em title on your mobile device.

The other great thing about mFortune is the fact that your 100% match up to £100 and £5 welcome gift are indeed ‘free’ bonuses. It’s because there are no wagering requirements attached. When you win on the bonus cash you really do win free and clear, without wagering requirements. [Read Full Review]


Playtech makes some of the finest casino games in the world. Its blockbuster slots like Iron Man 2 and King Kong draw big crowds to the many casinos that license the system. Casino.com is the most visible Playtech casino online.

The bonuses from Playtech and the house are high, with up to £3,200 in cash matches available on your first reloads, and a long list of monthly specials. There are so many reload bonuses that your bankroll should stay healthy at Casino.com. [Read Full Review]

TIP: Don’t miss out of experiencing Playtech’s realistic Roulette titles.

Android’s Powers

Finally, what are the pros and cons of playing casino games on Android devices in general? Well, what are your alternatives?

You could go with an iPhone, or a Blackberry or a new Nokia running Windows 8, after all! We think it would be wiser to stick with Android, if you want to have the widest selection.

Apple is awesome, no doubt — but it is no longer the centre of the mobile casino world. Android leads the world in phone activations and popularity overall as a mobile operating system. That means the most development in games is designed around Android.

The cons, if you will, are basically in terms of hardware and its price tag. Sure, Apple and Blackberry have wicked quality; and, also true, that you must pay for that. Android devices and software may not have the same polish (yet), which includes Retina display from Apple, and, the fastest touchscreen response than Android devices.

But we think that Android offers the best value to price ratio. One is more likely to own an Android phone along with an Android tablet, which gives gaming a lot more twists. Any of Android casinos we highlighted above will perform way above expectations. See ways to pay via PayPal, click here