iPhone Mobile Casinos

The Apple iPhone was, just a couple years back, the first and in many cases the only platform on which to build casino apps. The accepted wisdom was to go out for Apple first, test the game, then launch on Android or whatever else (leveraging the title on different systems to make profit).

Things have changed a bit more recently. Surely, you have heard in the news that Android devices now outnumber iPhones.

Apps, too, are released for Android on high priority now. But there is a new shift of the playing field that will make the competition for the best mobile apps obsolete.

Apple on Mobile HTML5

Even before the Web’s first major overhaul of the millennium, in 2013 (did you hear about that?), the compatibility issues for apps on iPhone, iPod or iPad were not a problem, actually. Like Android (or vice versa!) apps for Apple devices adjusted to the host’s screen size.

So, it did not make a difference when downloading and installing an app whether you were using an iPad, iPod or iPhone. If your device was iOS — the operating system that Apple used to dominate the mobile phone market — then any app for Apple would work on it.

But now, since the upgrade to HTML5, which frees us from plugins and even apps (we’ll tell you why in a moment), none of these compatibility issues will matter at all. We are gaining the ability to play inside the Web browser window itself. Now as you read this, more sites are converting to the new standard, which liberates them from add-ons like the Flash player.

Now, wouldn’t you prefer to play a casino game inside the mobile Web browser, rather than have to download it (paying for that bandwidth, too), install it, maybe troubleshoot it, update it, then have it stored on your device taking up memory and slowing things down?

We’d rather play in the Web browser window! You might also want to check out Online Social Casinos

3 Top Apple-Friendly Mobile Casinos


LadyLucks is a British classic, a modern classic that over the past couple years has completely inclined toward the mobile-playing crowd. LadyLucks seems to know how the world is turning: everything is more and more mobile.

Its game supplier is Probability plc, which is very happy to have this high-profile casino as a client. Games like Filthy Rich or The Slot share the Probability mark, which is a slightly off-centre humour and edgy concepts for games.

Bonus-wise, LadyLucks goes with the standard Probability offer: up to £225 in matching cash over your first few deposits, plus £5 free to get going on the site. On-going specials, at the weekly and monthly levels, give you plenty of bonus-cash opportunities. [Full Review]

Thrills Casino

‘Welcome to the world’s most stylish casino,’ we’re told by Thrills.com. You can decide for yourself, however, we think you’re almost assured to agree, like we do. The website and its Net|Ent game system have a fresh style and logic.

There is one giant vertical homepage, with lots of amusing details, for starters. Scrolling this way is a joy at Thrill — you’ll see. You will learn about a £200 welcome bonus, which comes with 50 free spins. The next bonus is 50% up to £100. 

Pocket Fruity

This is one Apple-friendly site that loves to make mobile casino as easy and quick to start as it can. It offers pay-by-phone bill convenience, a uniquely compact portfolio of mobile casino games and the standard bonus of £5 free and up to £100 matching.

You can also keep what you win from bonus cash (as opposed to lots of red-tape hassles). This is a very rare feature, indeed! [Full Review]

Casino on iPhone

The free casino games for iPhone that we have pointed you to above all share the fact that this particular piece of designer electronic device offers the icing on the cake. There is something noticeably smoother and faster when swiping and tapping an Apple screen.

An iPhone casino still delivers the pinnacle of performance and the state of the art in casino entertainment. Soon enough, you won’t even have to bother with downloading compatible apps and instead playing in the Web browser.