Mobile Craps

In most casino games, knowing the betting possibilities or winning hands is the key to having fun (and betting strategically in order to be lucky and win!). In the game of craps this is especially true, which is why it may have been intimidating for some. It is also a very jocular and animated game, which is not agreeable to everyone’s temperament.

Fortunately the online version eliminates any obstacles to learning the bets, then joining the throws. That’s what’s great about the Web: it teaches you at your own speed when it comes to a game.

TIP: Use your chosen site’s Demo or Practice Play mode to learn before putting your bankroll on the roll.

Fortunately, also, when we enjoy a crapshoot online there is no hassle over all the etiquette points that come into play when the game takes place in the physical world. You can just hit or tap in your bet and throws and appreciate the game itself, without the human element. iPhone Mobile Casinos might also interest you!

On the other hand, craps purists will say, when you play online there is none of the excited heckling and side-betting that the original land-based versions have. We tend to think that the current introduction of social networking features at online casinos will

Incidentally, what is interesting about the history of craps is that there is a high-brow form of the game, which was played in closed quarters by the elite — that game has a long history. But also a street game also has flourished, decidedly low-brow and usually thrown against a curb or an alley wall.

Free, No-Cash Apps

You can find loads of choices if all you want is a native app (that you download and store to your phone or tablet) that lets you play craps on the go, without the hassle of worrying about losing cash when you’re distracted.

Both Google Play Store (Android) and the iTunes Store (Apple) have titles to download for free and explore. More experienced virtual crap shooters, however, will want to place bets even when commuting or in boring seminars (but playing on mute!).

Another free option that will build your skills is to play, as we suggested above, in practice mode at a full-fledged online craps destination.

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Casino Craps Action

What you’ll find represented by a high-quality mobile craps game is a variation called Casino Craps, a middle ground between the high-brow and gutter varieties. In this setup, at a land-based casino, you throw and make bets inside a rimmed board roughly the size of a bathtub. Your mobile app or online play action will recreate this.

For example, a top destination for all casino entertainment is Casino.com, offers Playtech’s luxurious craps table, slightly tilted at an angle to make it feel more natural despite a relatively small mobile touchscreen.

You won’t find a lot of variety at any one casino, even casinos like VeraJohn that offer up to 7 game suppliers. That means joining more than one place if you want to play different styles of the game.

Craps Strategy

When it comes to getting hawkish about your craps games on mobile you’ll want to know the bets inside and out. Then, map what you know to the craps table itself (find the places where different bets are placed). Finally (don’t worry — these steps will go fast), you simply find the names of the bets in the game’s buttons and start playing.

You won’t have to bother about the correct handling of dice over the board, or rules for placing bets. Your mobile games will smooth all of that out for you.

Your first wager on craps will be exciting. Some of your main choices will revolve around placing either a Pass Line Bet or Don’t Pass Bet. Observe how each plays out for other players because they differ in difficulty, with the Don’t Pass requiring more skill. The Pass Line Bet (where you bet on winning your own throws) is the basic thing to learn.

Fortunately for us all, craps has some of the best odds of the casino’s table games — however, make no mistake that the odds favour the house (even online).

We suggest that you get disciplined about quitting whenever you have a respectable win. That goes for any game, but somehow especially for craps because of the thrilling aspect of rolling the dice.

Mobile ‘social’ craps are on the way in 2014. Once you get good, you’ll want to experience this latest version that feels very close to the live moment of action in physical (and very sociable) game settings!

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