Net|Ent’s Mobile-Compatible Casino Game

This time we’re going to focus on a very special online gaming company that is far from the ordinary. In fact, this studio is pushing the boundaries of what a mobile casino can and should be, with its cinema-style graphics, motion and sounds.

Net|Ent is its name — short for Internet Entertainment. That name reflects the way its games have a high degree of finish and advanced programming. This makes them feel as if you are both watching and playing at the same time.

For instance, most Net|Ent games have a rather lengthy opening sequence to enjoy, before you begin setting up your bets and spinning away. In the case of one of its newer titles, South Park Slots, the opening animation is worth at least one dark chuckle before your session starts.

Places for Ent-tertainment

You cannot find the Net|Ent brand at as many casinos as the games by today’s software giants (Micrograming, Playtech, IGT or Probability — the names you will eventually see online).

But, what we have found is that Net|Ent is chosen by the best casinos. We have yet to find its games on any site that is less than absolutely trustworthy.

First, let’s look at a place that is confidently called Guts. Guts.com is, along with Thrills.com (it is interesting they both have high-energy names), among the very best designed casino websites you’ll find. There are benefits of that high-quality beyond just a pretty face.

When you want to find a particular Net|Ent game, you can zero in on it fast, and then see previews or launch. There are so many games at Guts, from more than one supplier, that you will need its advanced searching ability!

Bonus-wise, you’re getting 100 free spins on Starburst, in all its abstract colourful glory, as well as up to £300 in matched cash when you deposit.

The other great place to play these high-performance slots is VeraJohn — also a casino with multiple brands on tap. Here, however, because of that selection (around 7 brands!) its introductory package does not need to be a whopper or compete since it’s in a world of its own.

Still, we like the simple, on-going £100 match on all of your deposits as well as sweet promotions to keep you floating.

Net|Ent’s Edge

Basically, just like when you go to the movies, and each time you expect chills, thrills with unique visuals and stories — right? — the slots by Net|Ent are each its own wild ride, completely new and unexpected. Net|Ent does not rest on its laurels and defined formulas like the other studios.

Each of the titles we have mentioned has a 100% different style (for example, Jack Hammer is like a paper comic book, while South Park is just like the rough animations in the series).

What that means is that Net|Ent slots are for people with uncommon artistic tastes, who are spinning for more than just a jackpot — since a good-looking jackpot is better! We love to recommend Net|Ent games.


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