Paysafecard Accepting Mobile Casinos

Paysafecard and online casinos go very well together. Casinos probably account for many of the 4,000 web-shops that this payment method claims are offering its service. You’ve probably seen it before, but maybe you didn’t know exactly how it works.

Under the Microscope

Let’s take a look at Paysafecard in more detail. Firstly, this is not strictly an ‘e-wallet’, like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill.

You do not link it with your existing bank accounts or maintain a balance other than the dwindling original amount on your Paysafecard (between £10 and £100). You can combine up to 10 smaller Paysafecard stubs, if you like, into one, or you can put together a £1,000 card from the start.

But that’s about it! Your Paysafecard is a terminal, temporary account that you use online for the most part. You can take as long as you like to spend your cash; however, if you take over a year then there will be a £2 per month charge deducted from your balance.

How It Works

So, Paysafecard is instead considered a ‘cash voucher’, which you use online. It is the equivalent for the Web of paying with cold, hard cash at a normal shop (when you’re just handing over some currency anonymously).

Your main concern may be simply how to join. Actually, in this case there is no ‘joining’ involved — you’re not required to give personal information to the company. Just like cash, if you’ve got any then that enrols you for using it!

In contrast to using a credit card, you do not divulge any information about yourself when spending your current balance at Paysafecard mobile casino sites — the 16-digit number (normally printed on a card) is your only capital to keep.

To use this system, just buy a Paysafecard voucher somewhere (petrol pumps, newsstands, grocery stores, and so forth) and you’re good to go. There is no credit check, or red tape about using it.

Top Paysafecard Casinos

Now that we have cleared up what Paysafecard is, and how people can use this service, let’s get a sense of the kind of casinos that offer it. Although we have picked 3 top Paysafecard-friendly casinos, obviously your selection is much, much wider (it’s into thousands of choices).

LadyLucks Mobile Casino

LadyLucks is the site that gaming company Probability plc (UK) is most proud of having as a licensed casino. LadyLucks is a massively popular brand in Britain, even though it does not surpass the standard Probability £225 bonus offers, over one’s first deposits. You get £5 free to start the adventure. Along with many safe alternatives, Paysafecard is featured here. [Full Review]

Thrills Casino

We will see many more new casinos popping up in 2014, and like Thrills they will be striving to offer something that feels fresh. Thrills is set up differently than splashly, shiny, slick casinos (Casino.com, for example).

Thrills offers a textured look, like a website made of soft, toothy paper, and it scrolls down almost forever — everything on a single page! There are many fun touches as you go. Games are by Net|Ent, and bonus is standard 100% to £100 — Thrills is confident!

Moobile Games

You may want to think of this one as ‘Moobile Slots’ because those are the only type of game you’ll find down on th’ farm! These titles have been hand-picked from the Probability portfolio (same system as LadyLucks, just scaled down for fast mobile action).

You’ll get the same £225 total package as LadyLucks, and £5 free, inside a very exciting community of loyal Moobilers. [Full Review]

Paysafecard Casino

We think you can rest assured: casino sites that accept Paysafecard are safe enough to join, as long as you stick to your Paysafecard and don’t put out too much information during sign up.

The last thing we should inform you is that once you’ve won something, you’ll need to switch to an e-wallet so that you can withdraw your cash winnings. Paysafecard, like real cash, only works to pay for things and make deposits. See another safe payment alternative here