Playtika Slotomania


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Playtika is a slot innovator, rather than just another online casino. The endless and constantly changing slot titles inside this game system are available to play on Facebook. You get slots plus social networking. Tried it yet?

You will, eventually. Social slots is the future, along with social casino and social everything. As it turns out, social networking is more useful and more versatile than just for sharing links, photos and YouTubes. Gaming online is set to explode, again. This time, casinos will have social features baked into the game titles. Playtika’s addictive Slotomania ecosystem is ahead of the curve.

Social What?

Social slots give you, basically, the ability to play alongside your Friends inside Facebook. This environment is completely safe and secure, which is nice. You’re free to frolic and giggle with your online Friends as you play the countless Slotomania titles. But you won’t get them all at once. There’s a kind of side-game, and overarching game, in advancing the levels as you gain experience with the starting titles. You can win your way forward, and you can get help from friends. Of course, you get to have your own profile, personal picture and all that jazz. Since there’s a social atmosphere, plenty of opportunities will arise to give and receive coins. You can gift free spins, for example. Our favourite social feature unique to Playtika is the Reel Friends slot. Don’t miss this one. What it does is insert the pictures of your online Friends as symbols on the revolving reels. What a gas!

Playtika’s Touch

What are the selling points of Playtika? Great graphics and great sound effects paired to the graphics, in a nutshell. This is high-quality stuff, made in-house and therefore customised for the players. Slotomania is a huge online success. You can access it through the iTunes store, for example, or Facebook. Certain regulated markets like the UK allow real-cash online games, and Playtika Slotomania would just be more thrilling with a little dosh involved. There is a little cash layout on your part, if you haven’t yet hit the winning streak and need some coins. You can plead with your online Friends, sure, but you’ll probably want to purchase some for yourself at some point.

Safe Spinning

Since your account is inside Facebook or handled by Playtika, you are safe. For most of us, the Facebook games are free and quite inviting. If you want to enter a playground of slot action then the Slotomania online experience will be just the thing. Finally, we’ll mention another endearing aspect of Slotomania games: their side-games. To keep things fresh, along with the revolving game portfolio and levels, this system has lots of twists and turns, mini-games to keep you sharp for the reels.