Privacy Policy

This policy has been drafted for the purpose of communicating the privacy practices of www.mobile-casinos.org.uk. On each occasion that you visit the site, this will be a signification of your acceptance of the privacy policy. The sole responsibility of checking the privacy policy for updates and alterations resides with you alone. It is the right of Mobile Casinos to perform such changes wherever required. Should there be any elements of the policy that you find undesirable, we then must advise that you cease using the site.

Security of Information

Mobile Casinos fully respects your privacy and would like to promise that any personal information gathered from you will be treated in the strictest confidence. There will be instances where we collect information on your basic usage, thereby enabling us to improve the overall experience that you enjoy at the site. All personal information gathered will be treated on a strictly confidential basis and with the utmost respect.

Information Usage

We store all of the information that we collection within a secure database, often to gain a better perspective of our visitors for the purpose of improving the site. Mobile Casinos might use your information to contact you in relation to alterations of the privacy policy as well as contests currently running. In addition, we reserve the right to enlist the help of a third-party provider to get in touch with contact winners, but providers will only be able to use the information for the purpose of informing winners and nothing else. Primarily, though, we use your personal information for statistical analysis.


Upon visiting www.mobile-casinos.org.uk it might transpire that a cookie is created on the computer, laptop or mobile device from which you accessed the site. Cookies are electronic files that will be created and stored on your device to remember personal preferences and settings for the purpose of enhancing your all-round experience with the site. The typical information collected by cookies includes your browser, ISP, IP address, and time and date.

It is entirely possible to refuse the creation of cookies completely, but it will be your sole responsibility to alter the settings of your browser and/or to respond negatively when asked whether you would like to accept our cookies or not. In the event that your reject our cookies, you will be significantly risking the quality of your experience at the site. For instance, the site might not work as had on your first visit and/or you might have limited access.

Outside of Our Control

Mobile Casinos will do everything in its power to ensure that we preserve the integrity and security of your personal information. However, it is never entirely possible for the internet to be wholly secure, no matter how many process and levels of security we implement. By using this site, you must accept this as a matter of act and thereby understand the risk to your personal information and that it will never be entirely secure, which is exactly the situation that you will find with all other websites.

Consequently, Mobile Casinos will never be able to take any level of responsibility, either full or partial, or the undesired release of your information, either outside of our indirect or direct control. Outside of our reasonable control there could be transmission error, personal error, unpermitted access or unwanted intrusions, all of which could result in the release of your personal information.

External Links

External links will often be displayed at Mobile Casinos, but we have no responsibility as to your digital safety when you choose to follow them. Our privacy policy will not cover your visits to any of those sites. Therefore, it is your own personal responsibility, and our recommendation, that you immediately go and view the privacy policy of the external sites that you might visit. Like with our own privacy policy, you should accept the particulars of the new policy before you continue using the site.

Legal Disclosure

Mobile Casinos has the right to disclose your personal information in the event that we are legally bound to do so by law. Information can also be released if we have to defend our intellectual property or the other resources of www.mobile-casinos.org.uk.